Secret Freemasons History and Rituals – Part 5


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Freemasons Secret History and Rituals
Freemasons Secret History and Rituals

Colorado 1995 after years of delays, construction of the Denver International Airport is complete, it is the largest international airport in America, third largest in the world. Above ground it encompasses 53 square miles or two times the size of Manhattan. But below the surface, some believe there is a secret city stretching down into the depths of the earth. Denver International Airport, some people have these conspiracy theories that it hosts an underground military base that’s supposed to be a launching point for the new world order. The Denver Airport has a cornerstone that was laid by the Freemasons and it looks like this control panel rising up out of the floor and it’s got Braille on it so it looks almost like they’re push buttons and it’s sort of like the control panel for the New World Order it even says the New World Airport Commission. And there’s a big square and compass and so people have said well this is clearly that the Freemasons built this place. Could there really be a secret city hidden below the Denver International Airport and if so, will this be where the Freemasons intend to launch their so-called New World Order?

Perhaps the writing is literally on the Wall. You have a mural that shows this soldier in a gas mask with a scimitar stabbing a dove in this endless chain of dying women and babies going out from under it, it’s just horrific. There are scenes of lunation, war whoops and babies, people fleeing underground a plague death Nazism dictatorship the coming of a new world order. Do the Freemasons believe in a predestined apocalyptic event and is this what the Founding Fathers have been preparing for since the Declaration of Independence. There are those who believe the answer is yes and some suggest the free masonic view of the future came from another secret society rooted in Europe at the time of the American Revolution, the Illuminati. A university professor named Adam Weishaupt formed a group called the Illuminati and he set it up to be a very secret society and operate very secretly.

Part of the organization’s plan when they were founded in 1776 was to join and infiltrate free Masonic lodges. The way it worked was he would talk to one person that one person would contact one person and that way people down the line had no idea who was at the top or how to get to him or what the real purpose was. But somewhere at the top of the heap is somebody who has an agenda. And the early founders of the Illuminati were deep and great admirers of the American Revolution, they believed in religious liberty they believed in free thought.

But the fact is within eight or nine years of the Illuminati’s founding in 1776 the organization was outlawed. So you see a split in masonry. You see 1776 as the same year the Illuminati is launched again then spreads and grows simultaneously events in 1776 lead a declaration of independence and we have letters that George Washington wrote warning people about the Illuminati trying to emerge and take over all of masonry. Historians suggest the Illuminati he actually infiltrated free Masonic lodges in the United States by the late 1700s. Just as the founding fathers were drafting the US Constitution but did the Illuminati under the guise of Freemasonry really influenced the creation of the government and laws of the United States. In a 1792 letter to friend, George Washington said he had absolutely no doubts that the doctrines of the Illuminati had spread to the United States, he said no one is more sure to this than I am.

The most basic tenet of the Illuminati is that the end justifies the means and this is what makes them so dangerous because they’ll say anything, poses anything and yet they cling to their own doctrine. You see now the Masonic orders that dominate our globe this is an Illuminati planet now. They are the inner group where the enlightened ones on the top of the pyramid. They have the secret knowledge they are directing the world. They are keeping secrets or incredible Wealth. They’re keeping secret their political power. This is the biggest secret of all in America’s Book of Secrets beyond anything and the secret of the Freemasons is that there is a coming of a new age. It’s a big secret in plain sight. As for a book of secrets that contain the secrets of the fraternity that have been passed down through the ages, there really aren’t any because freemasons promised not to write print paint stamps staying cut car hue marker engrave any of the secrets of the fraternity.

Freemasonry will always remain the granddaddy of all secret societies. The greatest of all of them the most international of all of them and Freemasonry will remain a society that has a very powerful political impact. But despite all of the conspiracy theories and all of the secrets, these facts are clear. Prominent Freemasons helped spark the American Revolution, they helped create the United States of America, their fingerprints can be found all across the country, on sacred documents, on monuments and even embedded in the streets of our nation’s capitol. They are a brotherhood of Secrets and they will protect those secrets with their lives. But why? what is the Freemasons ultimate plan? Perhaps only time will tell.

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