The Series About Masonic Initiation Rituals and Mormon Temple Ceremonies – Part 1


Good day, I am Dr. Mark Colt goes Rivera and I am humbled by the honor of being invited to speak at the Worldwide Exemplification of Freemasonry. My presentation is titled of Mason’s and Mormons the relationship between Freemasonry rituals of initiation and the Latter-day Saint temple ceremonies. Specifically I’ll be discussing the allegation that the first prophet of the Church of Jesus Christ of latter-day saints named Joseph Smith essentially took the Masonic Initiation Rituals to create the LDS temple ceremonies the Latter-day Saints, of course, are more popularly known as Mormons did the Mormon steel from the Masons, that is my topic today.

Part 1 : Brief history of Freemasonry and LDS Masonic Initiation Rituals and Mormon Temple Ceremonies

Masonic rituals of initiation
Masonic rituals of initiation

Sharing with you some implications of my interpretation of this matter, implications for the masons, for the Mormons and for the academic disciplines of history and religious studies. But first of all, let me be clear about one thing this presentation is not an exposure of either Masonic or Mormon ritual. For example, I will not be describing what freemasons call the esoteric work of their ceremonies such as specific signs of recognition. I will not be describing much about the specific covenants made in the latter-day saint temple or the various symbols that pertain to those covenants. I observe these boundaries because I myself am both a Mormon and a mason. In the course of this presentation, I will discuss why these boundaries exist. As it happens addressing, the relationship between these two bodies of ritual does not require us to look at very close specifics.

Now you may be wondering what qualifies me to discuss these matters. First of all, I am a latter-day saint. I am a convert baptized during my college years. I served as a Mormon missionary in Japan for two years, largely in Hiroshima and subsequently, I have served as a counselor in two bishoprics, a position similar to an associate pastor in other Christian churches. I have also served as a member of a stake high council an advisory board similar to a diocesan council in other Christian churches. I have published scholarship about the Mormon faith in such periodicals as Sunstone magazine and dialogue a journal of mormon thought. I first participated in the LDS temple ceremonies at the Washington dc temple and since I now live in new york city. I now attend the Manhattan temple. Currently, I am working on a book about the latter-day saint religion that I have tentatively titled the Mormon faith. Overall, I am very familiar with the LDS temple ceremonies. I am also a Freemason. I was made a master mason at winter park lodge number 239, free and accepted masons in the grand lodge of Florida. I became a member of the Masonic Scottish and York rites in Florida. And today I attend the meetings of several Masonic bodies in new york city. I have published scholarship about freemasonry in such periodicals as the phililithyia’s magazine and harridan, the transactions of the Scottish rite research society. In january of 2011 Tarcher penguin published my book Freemasonry and introduction. Overall, I am familiar with the major Masonic rituals of initiation. Are they the ceremonies of the blue lodge, the york rite or the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry. Finally, I hold a doctorate in psychology from new york university. I have published scholarship in such journals as psychotherapy, the review of general psychology and the journal of humanistic psychology in recognition of my scholarship, in the psychology of religion humanistic psychology and unified psychology. I have received awards from several divisions of the American psychological association. In recognition of my overall scholarly work, I have been elected a fellow of that association. In sum, I have some familiarity with the psychology of religion and religious experience as well as the psychology of initiation. Of course none of these organizations, no religious fraternal or professional organization or school, none of these organizations sponsors my appearance here or endorses any of my remarks. I bear the sole responsibility for anything and everything in this presentation. Let us consider why this topic is worth your attention.


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